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(evaporators, coolers, condensers)

BEST MANUFACTURING can execute own projects or provided by the beneficiaries an entire range of heat exchangers by any typo dimensions, pressures, temperatures and working fluids.

The main heat exchangers fabricated are:

  • Mantle heat exchangers:
    • With floating roof
    • With U-shaped pipes
    • With coil heating / cooling
  • Heat exchangers without mantle, pipe in pipe

Basic materials are high temperature resistant carbon steel / low alloy steels and high alloy, stainless steel, copper, brass

Tubesheet may be of the same materials or plated steel, brass

Heat exchangers are used in industry such as: food, chemical, petrochemical, power, steel.


BEST MANUFACTURING can run both tubular sections which are hollow tubular bundles wrapped or extruded finned tubes and related integrated solution with the metal structure, fans, motors


Vessels can be executed and delivered (on demand), fully equipped with valves, safety devices.

For capacities up to 150-200 mc can be manufactured in one piece and for capacities up to 60,000 mc run preuzinat with on-site assembly can be provided on request by our company

Materials used: carbon steel or low alloy, fine grain steels, alloy steels, stainless steel, carbon steel clad


BEST MANUFACTURING execute all required columns of chemical and petrochemical industries:

  • Columns of trays
  • Columns mixer

We can also perform all types of plates (with flap, with bells, perforated valve) as interior parts for equipment.




Production is made under client's documentation. In case that the client doesn't have a execution project, we can cooperate with a Designing Institute that can realise the project which will be approved by the Client.

Design Codes
ASME Code VIII, EN13445, ADMK 2000, BS 5500, TEMA STANDARD, DIRECTIVE 97/23/EC and most other well known specifications.

Using the latest manufacturing techniques, materials and skills. Inter-process QA inspections ensure high quality levels are maintained. Reliable deliveries are secured by using a bespoke production control system.

Hydraulic, Radiographic, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant Etc.. As Required

3rd Party Inspection Authorities and Insurance Company Surveyors are given all facilities to examine vessels and welded fabrication during any stage of manufacture, and final hydraulic testing. Arrangements can be made for specimen weld testing, and for materials to be independently inspected.

Certification can be supplied for pressure test, weld tests, materials, pressure gauges and relief valves etc. upon your request.