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  • Oxi-gaz + plasma cutting machine for thk. 150 mm CS and 90 mm SS
  • Bending machine with 3 and 4 cylinders; max. thickness 40 mm; max. diameter 4000 mm
  • Overhead traveling cranes: max. cap. 25 to..
  • Radial drilling machine with diameter between 16 and 70 mm
  • Coordonate drilling machine 700x900x1400
  • Milling machines 300 x 400 ,300x500 and 400x900
  • Milling and boring machine 1000x1000x800
  • Mechanical cutting machine 10x2500 and 5 x3000
  • Normal lathes with max. processing diam. between 400 and 800 for parts with lengths from 1500 to 2000 mm
  • Hydraulic press 200 tf
  • Welding machines: WIG, MIG-MAG, SMAW and SAW
  • Presses for plate bending (abkant), max. width of 3000 mm and thickness of 5 mm

All our equipment is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with this European Directive for the supply of pressure equipment and is CE marked when applicable. It is backed up by comprehensive technical documentation for quality and safety.